The Challenge

An estimated 132 million girls
are out of school globally


Educate Girls believes that it is the right of every girl to be in school and learning. However, across the globe girls are struggling to realize their rights, and there are still an estimated 132 million girls missing from the world’s classrooms, every day.

Girls’ education is not just a fundamental human right, but it is also one of the world’s potential ‘silver bullets’, contributing to at least 9 of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Research

Research shows that an educated girl is less vulnerable to child marriage, will immunize and educate her own children, will make a much higher contribution to the economy through participation in the labor force and will have fewer children of her own, thereby contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions.

Currently where patriarchy and poverty intersect, and where policies are not enabling, girls face enormous challenges in getting to and remaining in school.

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Problem Tree

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Solution Tree

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