The Missing Links in Girls’ Education in 2023

Education is a basic human right, regardless of gender, However, it is unfortunate that the female literacy rate in many developing countries is much lower than their male counterparts. Due to this, recently, G7 agreed to two new education objectives – the first is to ensure that more than 40 million girls attend school and the other was that more than 20 million can read by the year 2026. 

Everywhere, people try to change the existing educational pattern in order to increase enrollment for girls all over the world. But the problem is still there and it requires a more powerful solution that can only be driven with the support of all the individuals in the underserved areas. A few solution-oriented steps for this problem can help increase educational opportunities for girls. 

Let us understand the new techniques in girls’ education that can be implemented in 2023.     

1. Accessibility

It is necessary to ensure that good-quality educational institutions are accessible by females all over the world easily. Distance is a big problem for many young girls due to which they have to step back. In the underserved areas, parents find it problematic to send their girls to schools and long distance just adds up to the list of reasons justifying their decision. Even if an area has an educational institution then the security measures, infrastructure, and maintenance are not up to the mark.

Many times buildings lack proper classrooms, furniture, and other resources required to run a school. As a result, parents feel uncomfortable sending their young girls to school. So, a good quality educational institution is necessary for helping girls educate at a primary or secondary level. Easily accessible schools can improve girls’ education and in turn uplift the whole society. Now the question is how can we make girl child education more accessible?

Here are some steps – 

  1. Schools should have proper security measures, including guards, boundary walls, and barbed wires. 
  2. Every school should be well-equipped with furniture and other resources required for proper functioning. 
  3. There must separate and hygienic washrooms for boys and girls.. 

2. Awareness

Along with accessibility, there is lack of proper awareness regarding the importance and need of girl child education as many families all over the world do not realize it. It is believed that daughters will be better put to use helping around the house. While others believe that it will be too expensive to send their daughters to school when they could use that time working for nominal wages. A patriarchal belief that is still dominant in society is that education will not help the girl in her marriage, so it is pointless and instead a daughter should be married off as soon as she starts menstruating. 

The reality speaks in opposition to all these pre-existing beliefs. Families must be advocated enough to understand the benefits of educating their girls. She will grow up as a sensible human being who is mature enough to look after her health, financial status, along with the whole family. It will help her in developing personally by teaching her all the necessary communication skills. An educated girl is expected to build a healthy family as well. There are a lot of benefits associated with girls’ education. It is just new thinking in girls’ education that is required and for that various counselling sessions for the parents should be arranged by the leaders. 

3. Complementary Policies to Improve Qualities for Girls

It is high time that the crowd should understand the urgency of educating girls and helping the world grow together as one. Responsible and educated people are trying their level best to improve girls’ education but it is not possible to eliminate the existing beliefs and mindset completely without the support of the leaders in power. 

The government should implement certain policies that will compel parents to send their children to school. A certain level of primary education should be made compulsory for all kids in order to help improve the status of girls’ education in underserved areas with lots of pre-dominant patriarchy. Alternatives should be planned for families who are dependent on their young girls for finances. They must be provided an opportunity to grow and develop some skills along with earning so that they can divide their day and make full use of the available options.

4. Control Population Growth

The increasing population on earth is becoming a problem day by day. The main reason for the exploitation of the planet and all the resources available is the increasing population. But educated girls have knowledge about sustainable development and they know the appropriate proportion gap between two pregnancies. It is necessary for the population to be healthy as well, so due to a gap in education, there lie ladies who are suffering medically due to early pregnancies. 

Families should let their daughters learn and apply the new techniques for improving girls education in this new year 2023.

All the above-indicated factors prove that there is a dire need to improve the education system in the backward areas as girl-child education, women empowerment, and the development of a nation are closely related. So, the strategy for promoting girls’ education must be a smooth blend of all of these and should have a problem-solving approach. Families need to understand the need of educating their young girls and let them go behind their dreams of becoming independent and successful women.

Besides the government, many social and non-profit organizations are also working closely to eradicate the problem of restrictions on supporting girls’ education. Educate Girls is one such NGO that works dedicatedly towards eliminating the problem of girls’ education in rural areas. All such things require people to stand together and fight for what is right. Even a small contribution from you can make a big difference in the life of an innocent girl. Please donate for their education because each step counts!


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